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WorkForce Software helps us to get real-time data that reflects the dynamic environment in a large manufacturing company while reducing related administration for users.

Michal Pokorny

U.S. HRIS & Payroll Manager

Real-Time Reporting and Immediate Access to Data for More Informed Decision-Making


  • Obtain accurate, timely reporting to make informed decisions to reach business goals
  • Adopt a system that allows for flexibility across locations, departments, and shifts
  • Ensure smooth integration with other in-use modules


  • Operates various locations, each with different needs — especially when it comes to reporting
  • Previous system fell out of use when the people who knew it best retired and knowledge and maintenance of the system was not passed along

The Ask

  • A system robust enough to track different shifts across departments, provide accurate attendance calculations, and investigate turnover among employees and temporary workers
  • The new system needed to coordinate smooth implementation with EC and ECP

The Solution

  • Time and Attendance provides the ease-of-use and flexibility that Mann+Hummel required, as well as detailed real-time reporting that is customizable to their needs
  • Partnering with TSP allowed for a smooth implementation, despite the complexity of adopting three new modules (EC, ECP, and WFS) at the same time


A Flexible, Robust System to Meet Mann+Hummel’s Needs

Better Reporting

Since implementing Time and Attendance, reporting is easier to understand and immediate. Real-time data keeps everyone up to date, even as employees are clocking in and out.

Fewer Payroll Errors

Payroll processing has seen a 50% improvement over previous provider Accutime. It accounts for timesheet amendments, even retroactively, and special rules like daylight saving and holidays are easily accounted for.

Work Made Easier for Everyone

Clocking in and out is easier for employees, managers can directly approve timesheets, HR has access to real-time reporting, and the payroll input and separation of duties is smoother than before. It’s a harmonized way of processing and managing employee data.

“WFS is easy to use for most users. Employees can clock in/out easily with the timeclock face basically being a ‘click and scan.’ The managers have visibility to exact hours so they can control the hours worked by employees. They can run reports that show real-time data, which helps them make decisions.” — Kimberli Lasyone, WFS Analyst

No matter where or when your workforce is in action, WorkForce Software’s Time and Attendance solution can help you optimize, track, and analyze performance. Visit to learn more.

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