Lunch Break Laws: Be Wary of Auto-Deducting Meal Breaks

by | May 21, 2015

Lunch Break Laws: Be Wary of Auto-Deducting Meal Breaks

Another year, another year-end post.

Trying to whittle down the events of the past year into a few hundred words gets more daunting each December. The needs of the HR community keep evolving and the workforce management space is changing right along with it. We live in very interesting times and have the good fortune of serving a vital global community, but some trends do rise to the surface:

  • Workforce management matures
    Concepts like employee engagement, succession planning, and employer brand have long been associated with other aspects of HR technology – most notably talent management. However, we’re increasingly seeing these concepts begin to pop up in workforce management discussions. Be sure to check out our 4th annual Workforce Management trends survey for more information on this growing trend.
  • Global deployments, local focus
    We’ve been covering the “going global” trend for a couple of years, but 2013 – at least from our perspective – is when this trend accelerated. Global employers fully understand the need to address workforce management demands on a site-by-site bases to ensure they’re adhering to all local policies and regulations. However, there’s also now a keen interest in having all that data flow through a single, unified, enterprise-wide platform. This makes the “configuration, not customization” approach to delivering a tailored fit all the more important, and becomes a key enabling factor in gaining a granular and complete view of the day-to-day operations of the business as a whole.
  • Employees, assets, and optimization
    One of the most encouraging themes we’ve seen gain traction in 2013 is more universal recognition of employees as strategic assets to be optimized, not simply means of filling schedules and getting work done. Due to the most recent economic downturn, many organizations began viewing employees as cost centers. The most progressive organizations, however, never lost sight of the fact that employees represent the growth engine of the business. The “employees as assets” mindset is now becoming increasingly common across all industries and all geographies. As an organization that has always held this belief, WorkForce Software views this as a very welcome trend, indeed.

Just as 2013 was a big year for workforce management in general, so too was it a big year for WorkForce Software. Although we haven’t yet been able to do the final tally on the year from a financial perspective, I can confidently state that this has been the most successful year in the history of the company. Our business has grown significantly by virtually every measure and we owe it all to the ongoing support of our clients, the dedication of our employees, and the great partnerships we’ve formed with the members of our global alliance community. All three of these communities came together to make another exceptional Vision user conference, and one of the key action items we have is to create more opportunities to get everyone together more frequently, so stay tuned throughout the year as we announce more live events around the globe.

This past year also brought another first for us, as we acquired another exceptional workforce management provider – Australia’s RosterLive – to accelerate our growth in the Australia-New Zealand and Asia Pacific areas, as well as provide us with a great offering to better serve small and medium-sized businesses. Everything about that organization – from the quality of the solution to the caliber of the employees – has exceeded our expectations, so look for more news about WorkForce Software’s expanded global capabilities in the weeks and months to come.

On behalf of the entire WorkForce Software family, I would like to say “thank you” for your interest in our organization and for your ongoing support. 2014 promises to be another exciting year or growth, change, and evolution and we look forward to taking that journey with you.

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