4 Workforce Strategy Resolutions for 2015

by | Dec 31, 2014

4 Workforce Strategy Resolutions for 2015

The New Year—it’s a blank slate full of untold possibilities. So what lies ahead for your organization? How will you take what you do best, and make even better? What measures will you recommend to improve productivity, increase employee engagement, and reduce expenses? The lull around New Year’s break is a perfect time to reflect on these questions and set workforce strategy resolutions for 2015. Consider these to start with:

    1. Define your goals. If you haven’t given your workforce strategy some thought in a while, it’s time to revisit your goals. What do you want to accomplish, as an organization, in the coming year? And how can you line up those broad business goals with your employees’ day-to-day activities? If you already have workforce management analytics in place, exploring your 2014 metrics will very likely shed light on issues you need to tend to in the coming year. For example, if you’ve been consistently exceeding your overtime budget, you might set a goal of reducing unplanned overtime by 15-20 percent. We can help you do that with advanced scheduling capabilities, like One-Touch Callout, which automates the process of calling in reinforcements based upon criteria you determine, such as the most qualified but least expensive workers.
    2. Improve your access to labor data. Total workforce management allows you to visualize your entire workforce, across all locations. And that insight empowers faster, more strategic—and more cost effective—decision making. For example, let’s say you have a team of employees who regularly produce higher quality results, day in and day out. Complete workforce analytics will reveal that trend to you more readily, allowing you to take a closer look at what makes that team so effective. Is it their teaming arrangements? A difference in their shift patterns? Once you drill down on what makes them more productive, you can duplicate that effort across multiple locations—or even across your entire workforce.
    3. Master new skills. The push to elevate performance is constant, but you don’t have to do it alone. Vision 2015, our premier user conference, is just a few months away. It includes two days of sessions covering every aspect of workforce management, along with a full day of hands-on WorkForce Training and Education courses, fully accredited by the APA and SHRM. To learn more about this incredible opportunity to up your game in the New Year, read Why Attend Vision 2015 or check out the list of exciting breakout sessions. There are several ways to get discounts, too, so check the registration page for details.
    4. Make an immediate impact. Finally, add optimization to your list of 2015 resolutions. With EmpCenter, our comprehensive suite of workforce management solutions, you always have the flexibility to add deeper functionality post-deployment. So even if your solution has been live for years, EmpCenter’s unprecedented configurability ensures that you can make adjustments to meet emerging needs as your organization grows. Contact us today to learn how we can help you optimize your solution to better manage costs, streamline compliance, and enable strategic HR in the coming year.

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