3 Workforce Management Trends on the Agenda at HR Tech 2015

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3 Workforce Management Trends on the Agenda at HR Tech 2015

HR Tech is just days away, and I’m excited to see so many sessions built around essential workforce management themes, both within and beyond the “Core HR and Workforce Management” track. Based on the agenda for HR Tech, here are a few themes attendees—and those following along on social media—will likely be talking about this year:

  1. Engagement – Keeping your employees engaged is critical for attracting and retaining top talent. It’s also essential to maintaining performance across the organization. Yet, engagement has a reputation for being ‘difficult to measure.’ Two data points you can explore are unplanned absence and attrition metrics. (And, as you know, the first often foreshadows the second.) Yet absence data can easily be tracked in an automated time and attendance solution, giving you complete visibility over the frequency of absence and its associated patterns. This empowers line managers to take a more proactive approach to dealing with unplanned absences before they become a problem.
  2. Strategy – Here’s another theme that’s sure to be part of the conversation again this year: developing and executing your strategy. Everything we do from an organizational standpoint needs to be done with a strategy in mind. As you participate in the sessions and talk with colleagues, ask yourself how the technologies you’re seeing first-hand can further your strategy. For example, you might be interested in controlling labor costs by project, or overtime costs per work group or shift. Once you drill down on your specific objectives, explore how you’re going to measure them over time. Because executing your strategy isn’t just about deciding what your goals will be; it also includes checking in on your team’s progress along the way. Look for better ways to use the technology at your fingertips to keep the momentum toward goal completion.
  3. Analytics and Big Data – Finally, another theme you’ll hear mentioned in the sessions, and potentially see on social media, is analytics and big data. With all of the data we now have at our disposal, we need to ask ourselves whether we’re measuring the right things and how to get real-time insights. For example, are we using labor analytics effectively to cut costs, identify emerging best practices, and better utilize the workforce? And are we taking advantage of the opportunity to use real-time data to empower timely, data-driven decisions, so that we’re not losing ground waiting for data to sync? The right tools can help you not only capture data, but use it more effectively, too.

If you’re headed to HR Tech or HR Tech World Congress, these topics are sure to come up in the sessions you attend. And as you talk with vendors in the exhibit hall, be sure to share your goals and ask how they’re going to help you get there.

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