2015-16 Workforce Management Trend Survey

The numbers speak for themselves:

of organizations are burdened by manual processes
1 in 2
don’t hear about payroll errors until an employee complains
of organizations believe fatigue impacts performance
< 20%
of large organizations handle compliance changes automatically

How does your organization compare? To find out, download a complimentary copy of the sixth annual Workforce Management Trends Survey. Based on a comprehensive, cross-industry survey conducted by Workforce magazine, this complimentary resource is packed with the latest metrics and emerging best practices for managing employee time, scheduling, and leave more effectively.

You’ll learn:

  • The high cost of payroll errors
  • How organizations cover employee leave
  • The impact of fatigue in the workplace
  • Strategies for improving employee satisfaction
  • Employers’ top compliance concerns
  • And much more

Download your copy today

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