Workforce Management

Workforce Management in the Cloud

The EmpCenter® Suite

A lot of employees can mean a lot of complexity. EmpCenter®—a suite of workforce management tools—empowers you to control labor costs, and enables strategic workforce planning and management decisions across the enterprise. With this total workforce management system, you can:

  • Automate tracking of worker hours, activities, pay and attendance for all groups and locations
  • Manage employee leaves from end to end—minimizing unearned absences and mitigating the risks of employee fatigue
  • Simplify complex scheduling demands and call-out rules—boosting productivity and minimizing unplanned overtime
  • Systematize key aspects of labor law compliance, and seamlessly adapt to ever-changing labor regulations
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BAE Systems Client Video
We conducted a formal return on investment study and found out that we were saving, in direct and indirect costs, almost 2 million dollars a year; which was a huge win!”

- Craig Honour, Director, IT Infrastructure, BAE Systems

What Workforce Management Means for You

EmpCenter for HR


Eliminate manual processes, cut payroll costs, and boost employee satisfaction.

EmpCenter for Finance


Improve profitability, reduce costs, and increase organizational performance.

EmpCenter for IT


Enable seamless integration with secure, cloud-based solutions.

As the industry’s most flexible workforce management solution, EmpCenter helps you achieve far more through:

Complete Automation

Standardize time, scheduling, and leave practices for 100% of your workforce, across all locations, with zero custom code. No policy is too complex, no process is too difficult, no worker group is out of spec. Total coverage is your foundation for strategic workforce planning. With EmpCenter as your workforce management solution, you can eliminate the gaps in your labor reporting and start seeing the full picture.


Proprietary hardware and highly customized systems are on the fast-track to becoming obsolete. EmpCenter’s design makes use of industry standards, such as HTML5, and emphasizes connectivity with other systems, including payroll, HR, work order management, and virtually all others—assuring you of a product that can plug right into your business today and adapt with your needs well into the future.

Tailored Self-service

With unlimited choices for time entry, time-off requests, and other self-service tasks—via online, mobile, and a variety of data collection devices—EmpCenter creates a simple, convenient experience for each worker at every location. This flexibility allows you to meet the access and data entry needs of all worker groups – exempt or non-exempt, full time, part time, or contingent – with one tool.

Global Coverage

Specializing in workforce management solution design and strategy, we not only provide a complete and highly configurable solution, but also the experience and best practices to help you achieve your business goals. This combination of product depth and functional expertise allows us to help clients consolidate their time, scheduling, and leave practices worldwide in a single instance of EmpCenter.
The right workforce management tools can deliver more measurable value, more quickly, than virtually any other HR application. To learn how a total workforce management system produces greater return-on-investment, read Aberdeen Group’s “Bottom Line Reasons for a Total WFM Strategy”.