Fatigue Management

Fatigue Management Software

Enforce work-hour limits and mitigate fatigue risk

EmpCenter Fatigue Management automates all facets of fatigue risk mitigation, enforcing employee work-hour limits and aligning with fitness for duty best practices. As part of a complete fatigue management program, our risk management software can help your organization:

  • Implement a fatigue management program, organization-wide
  • Simplify compliance with industry regulations and safety best practices
  • Improve morale by automating practices that facilitate and support employee safety
  • Reduce the risk of fines and litigation by automating compliance tasks
Fatigue Management
WorkForce Software is an excellent company to work with, fulfills our needs, and is always there to support us—24/7.”

- John Baszkiewicz, Payroll Supervisor, STP Nuclear Operating Company

EmpCenter Fatigue Management includes prebuilt, industry-specific Compliance Paks to streamline enterprise risk management across industries with the most stringent fatigue regulations. These preconfigured compliance paks include:

EmpCenter Fatigue Management also offers a unique regulatory update service. As regulatory changes are issued, Compliance Paks are updated accordingly, minimizing your effort to remain compliant and maximizing the long-term effectiveness of your fatigue management program.

To learn more about best practices gleaned from the nuclear and petrochemical industries, read Powerful Lessons in Fatigue Management, a white paper that explores the consequences of unaddressed employee fatigue and identifies proven—yet simple—enterprise risk management strategies.

Multi-industry risk management software

Because our risk management software is based on configuration—not customization—it can be tailored to streamline compliance with any risk management program. For example, the software’s highly flexible rules engine can easily accommodate the following industry regulations:

  • Transportation/Trucking Industry – Hours of Service (HOS) regulations 49 CFR 395
  • Maritime Industry – 46 CFR 8104
  • Aviation Industry – FAA mandates

EmpCenter Fatigue Management also supports:

Proactive monitoring and alerts

EmpCenter Fatigue Management tracks employee hours scheduled and worked, as well as absences and activities performed. Monitoring this data in real time, the solution proactively alerts managers and/or HR personnel when an employee is at risk of exceeding work-hour guidelines. Labor data can be directly entered or seamlessly imported from other systems and employee time clock devices.

Real-time risk assessment

Organizations with sophisticated business risk management strategies can leverage EmpCenter Fatigue Management to calculate precise, dynamic fatigue scores for each affected employee. Tracking and reporting on these scores delivers much greater insight into the depth and prevalence of employee fatigue across your entire workforce and helps fine-tune prevention techniques.

Scheduling accuracy

EmpCenter Fatigue Management offers several ways to ensure that employees with heightened fatigue risk are carefully scheduled, if at all. When paired with EmpCenter Advanced Scheduler, you can prohibit managers from scheduling potentially fatigued staff, or require them to acknowledge the risks before overriding an alert. Eligibility can be configured down to the activity level, providing maximum flexibility.

Call-out prioritization

Another advantage of pairing EmpCenter Fatigue Management with Advanced Scheduler is that you can automatically factor fatigue risk levels into the call-out sequence for filling an open shift. This allows you to take advantage of highly efficient automated call-outs while ensuring that only the safest employees are notified of additional shifts.

Fatigue impact assessment

Bundling EmpCenter Fatigue Management with EmpCenter Analytics makes it easy to analyze the impact of employee fatigue on costs, quality of work, and other performance measures. These insights can then help your team refine scheduling and staffing practices to reduce the ill effects of employee fatigue and strengthen enterprise risk management.

Surrounding services

Our experts can help your organization review labor schedules, work environments, and job responsibilities in order to ensure a solution precisely matched to your needs. Similar assessments can be conducted post-deployment, as well, to ensure ongoing alignment between safety and your evolving operations.

Dozens of employers in diverse industries and environments rely on EmpCenter Fatigue Management to ensure the safety of their employees and the public every day. To learn more about how EmpCenter Fatigue Management can help your organization, request a demo today.