Employee Scheduling Software

Employee Scheduling Software for the Enterprise

Advanced online staff scheduling software

EmpCenter Advanced Scheduler, part of our comprehensive suite of workforce management tools, helps you optimize workforce scheduling without breaking a sweat … so you can field the right team at the right time, every time. This powerful employee scheduling software helps you:

  • Streamline complex workforce scheduling by automating all factors and constraints
  • Boost employee participation by enabling staff to indicate availability and swap shifts with peers
  • Quickly fill vacant shifts with callouts that enforce your most complex canvassing requirements and union rules
  • Dynamically adjust staffing levels by linking position-specific labor standards to changes in business demand
1 Minute Demo: Workforce Scheduling
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With EmpCenter and its usability, it’s really been easy for us to promote the idea of being a fan of the systems we use and the benefits they bring to employees.”

- Meghan Rees, Manager, Scheduling Department, MLSE

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Powerful Workforce Scheduling

EmpCenter automatically weighs all of the requirements for assigning employees to shifts—including staffing requirements, employee skills and certifications, preferences, pay rates, labor regulations, union rules, and fitness for duty—and empowers your managers to create schedules that support your strategic goals. Advanced Scheduler employee scheduling software can help you:

Reduce labor costs

Easily identify which employees are qualified for open positions with online workforce scheduling, and filter that information by cost and fitness for duty—allowing you to maximize your bottom line without compromising effectiveness or safety. When used in conjunction with other EmpCenter solutions, Advanced Scheduler provides additional insights to help you reduce labor costs and learn how workforce scheduling impacts your business.

Streamline staffing fluctuations

As business demands change, Advanced Scheduler can automatically adjust your staffing levels and shift patterns to match those fluctuations—all while fully accounting for critical factors such as union requirements and overtime costs. You can also set up position-specific labor standards and correlate those configurations with a business-volume forecast to ensure adequate staffing levels at all times.

Quickly fill open shifts

When unplanned absences or increased business volumes demand additional employees, Advanced Scheduler staff scheduling software steps in to assist. Call-out lists are generated quickly, based on skills, costs, and fitness for duty. Complex union canvassing requirements can also be accommodated, including overtime based on seniority or other factors. Optional One-Touch Callout feature automatically connects with employees via their preferred contact method.

Enhance employee morale

Allow employees to enter work-hour preferences, which can then be automatically considered when schedules are created. EmpCenter’s staff scheduling software also lets employees exchange shifts with peers, giving them greater control over their own work hours and tightly aligning work/life balance preferences with organizational staffing needs. Managers can opt to review and approve agreed-upon swaps or merely receive notifications when they occur.

Support cross-training

EmpCenter’s online schedule maker can also help your organization resolve an age-old issue—making sure that all of the ‘tribal knowledge’ accumulated by experienced workers gets passed on to the newer crowd. Pairing new hires with the right mix of top performers and company veterans can streamline the most important aspect of skills development: on-the-job training. This helps new employees get up to speed faster and increases productivity.

Deliver exceptional results

While important, your bottom line isn’t the only measurement of success. Advanced Scheduler can help you schedule the most qualified candidates for any job and help you maximize workforce scheduling effectiveness for special projects, seasonal needs, or around-the-clock shift schedules. All of these goals can be addressed in each facet of workforce scheduling, from creating a new shift template to filling last-minute vacancies with ease.

Like our other workforce management tools, EmpCenter’s employee scheduling software is designed to provide enterprise-wide coverage. Watch “Scheduling for Diverse Needs: Tips, Tricks, and Success Stories”, for a glimpse into how this solution can elevate your workforce scheduling practices.