Absence & Leave

Absence Management Software

Comply with leave regulations & reduce absence costs

Manage every aspect of employee leaves, including national, state/provincial, union, and corporate policies, in a single tool. EmpCenter Absence Compliance Tracker (ACT) is a complete absence management software, with features that help you:

  • Simplify determinations by following a simple questionnaire that shows exactly which laws and policies apply to a leave request
  • Easily manage leave cases with the help of case steps, due dates, and documents, all stored in one secure location
  • Keep current with changing laws through a unique regulatory update service that covers the FMLA in the United States, as well as hundreds of other leave types
  • Improve communications about absence management, fostering a more transparent, positive, and employee-centric culture
Absence Compliance Tracker
We’re not spending days trying to track down information, and we’re not going to six difference places to try to find information. Everything is in one location. So the communication has improved tremendously with the employee and the manager.”

- Regina Bagwell, Manager, HR Operations, Tenet Healthcare

EmpCenter ACT, part of our comprehensive suite of workforce management tools, automates absence management from the initial request to the employee’s return from leave, eliminating manual work and streamlining the process for your organization. Compliance with national and state/provincial laws is automated at each step along the way, eliminating one of the most common headaches for HR departments—and dramatically reducing organizational risk.

An easy-to-use employee absence tracker, EmpCenter ACT delivers a wide range of benefits:

Streamline and simplify leave compliance

Federal regulations such as the U.S. Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), as well as geo-specific state/provincial laws and corporate and union policies, often have overlapping eligibility rules, accruals, and notice requirements. These nuances increase absence management complexity and administration, particularly for employers operating in multiple geographies. ACT’s broad and deep coverage of these regulations allows your organization to automate laws and policies in a single solution—simplifying compliance and reducing absence-related costs. while also freeing your HR team to focus on higher priority responsibilities.

Centralize hundreds of distinct laws

No matter where your employees work, you are probably confronted by more leave regulations with each passing year. In the U.S. alone, there are over 400 state-specific leave laws on top of the federal FMLA, and the list is growing. Canadian employers face a similar picture, with distinct labor regulations in each province and territory. To help employers keep pace with the historic rate of change in leave legislation, ACT offers a unique regulatory update service that dramatically eases the process of adapting to new or amended regulations. Subscribers automatically receive ongoing updates to ACT’s rules based on changes to the covered laws.

Reduce absence costs

HR departments often err on the side of caution when they’re unable to confidently determine whether an employee is eligible for leave—resulting in excessive and unearned time off. ACT eliminates this uncertainty and standardizes leave type determination. Employees (or your HR administrators) simply answer a brief online questionnaire about the reason for the leave request. ACT then compares the answers to its regulatory database and provides clear, consistent, and fact-based guidance. A comprehensive and secure workflow ensures that the right documents and forms, such as medical certifications, are transmitted electronically between the employee and HR.

Manage the entire leave lifecycle

Once the eligible laws and policies for a leave request are determined, ACT’s robust absence management functionality helps your business track that leave through to the employee’s return to work. A secure case record automatically generates the timeline of events, including due dates and required documents. ACT automatically alerts all parties of upcoming or overdue tasks, as well. With this secure record, all aspects of the leave case—including contact details, required and completed documents, and accrual balances—can be reviewed at a moment’s glance.

Automate intermittent and reduced-schedule leave

Numerous absence regulations allow employees to take leave intermittently or through a reduced schedule, and this is among the largest administrative challenges for heavily burdened managers and HR teams. A sophisticated employee absence tracker, ACT records all intermittent leave hours with precision and provides real-time reporting around how those absences affect the employee’s accrual balances and work schedule. Automating these processes simplifies case management and allows HR professionals to focus on employees’ needs.

Improve the employee experience

Many employees complain that the absence management experience is cumbersome and confusing. They’re not sure how to formally request a leave of absence, how much time they are legally allowed to take, or even when they must return to work. EmpCenter ACT improves the experience for everyone involved, creating greater transparency between the employee and the manager while also maintaining a documented paper trail throughout the process—minimizing the potential for miscommunication around leave requests and open leave cases.

A complete absence management software solution, EmpCenter ACT can be integrated with your existing time and attendance and scheduling systems or delivered as part of a total workforce management system. To learn more about how EmpCenter ACT can streamline leave management for your organization, watch “The ROI of Leave Automation,” an on-demand webinar packed with strategies for getting the most out of your employee absence tracking investment.